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Dealing With The Hardships

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted black homes and individuals with not only severity of the illness, but also financial hardships suffered. According to multiple sources including the NAACP, “Health disparities left Black Americans vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 and dying from it at higher rates, nearly two times greater than their share of the population” (NAACP, 2022.) Some of the problems begin with a lack of resources in place for dealing with not only the prevention of the illness, but the damage done from loss of income during periods of sickness. At Muskegon Young Black Professionals we hope that some of these resources will help to build an equitable approach to dealing with COVID-19.


A campaign equipped with facts on our health disparity, resources for free testing kits, vaccination resources and more.

Covid-19 updates, local testing, local resources, resources for seniors, as well as public listing of COVID-19 emergency and vaccine hesitancy grant awardees.

Read about Health West’s resolution to declare racism and social inequities as s public health crisis feeding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understand your rights and this act benefiting those who need worker’s compensation, sick leave, or other crisis benefits related to COVID-19 

See Muskegon-area resources from MDHHS and others for COVID-19 testing on-location